Facts to check before starting Tramadol

Tramadol is a famous name of the Ultram and Ultram ER. It is frequently used for the treatment of the pain of different level in various medical conditions. There are many other versions of this particular medicine available which are used for the chronic pain treatment as well. The medical also has several other uses.

Some drugs are very risky and they cannot be taken without the medical supervision of the doctor. Tramadol is also a drug which can be very harmful when used without the medical advice of a licensed doctor. The overdose of the Tramadol can easily kill anyone. There are many other facts that you should know before you are going to start taking this particular medicine.

Go for checking of med history

It is also the responsibility of the doctor to go through the entire medical history of the patient before writing this particular medicine for the treatment. A patient who has the history of the other serious disease like mental disease will easily be getting addicted to this particular class of medicine.

Never mix with others

The other most important factor which should be taken into care is that Tramadol cannot be mixed with other things like several other drugs, alcohol or any other substances. It should not be given to the person who is intoxicated. Due to it drug reaction effects many serious problems can occur. In the pain of other narcotic medications, the Tramadol medicine can give the reverse effect and may increase the problems in the several folds.


People with the serious problem of the other disease like kidney, liver and other disorders of the stomach should not take this medicine. It will be putting very harmful effects on the internal body organs when they are not functioning properly. In more situations, the use of Tramadol should be avoided. People who are suffering from any kind of mental disease like depression, anxiety, seizures should not take it. There are very higher chances of getting addicted to this particular class of drug.

Stick with correct dose

Taking the correct dose of the Tramadol is the other most prominent factor that can hamper the treatment. Overdose is very dangerous and may cause failure of many internal organs. Age of the patient and intensity of the disease should be kept in mind by the doctor at the time of prescribing this particular medicine. It should not be mixed with any other kind of the drug and alcohol.