Advanced Pain Management & Wellness offers Board Certified pain treatments for those suffering from acute and chronic pain conditions with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Ana, Orange County. The pain clinic accepts both insurance and self pay!

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Comprehensive pain management treatments are offered including both medical and interventional therapies individualized to your specific needs. Experienced LA and OC pain doctors provide cutting edge, modern options with over a 90% success rate!

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Acute or Chronic, Simple or Complicated – no matter. Advanced Pain treats ALL types of pain conditions including back and neck pain, headaches, RSD, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, scoliosis, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, pelvic pain and so much more…

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I have now had 3 visits and I appreciate that I am treated with respect, dignity and professionalism.



Over one third of Americans live in chronic pain. Your pain is unique and may be causing difficulty working, concentrating, playing with the kids and socializing. Although it would be easy to simply give up and fall into depression… don’t!

Advanced Pain Management & Wellness offers Board Certified pain management doctors in Los Angeles and Orange County with extensive experience in helping people just like you achieve pain relief. Over 90% of the time, surgery can be avoided and a much lower baseline pain level achieved.

Comprehensive options are offered at Advanced Pain which may include pain medication management, interventional procedures and even referrals for additional treatments to produce the best outcomes and return you to an active life. Over 90% of patients avoid potentially risky surgery and achieve a baseline pain level that is dramatically reduced with our Board Certified OC and Los Angeles pain management doctors.

Advanced Pain Management understands that each patient is unique and that a “one size fits all” approach is suboptimal. Our goal is complete patient satisfaction by getting you Back… Into… LIFE!

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